Conquer online private server

WARCRYCo 5165 Custom Classic GamePlay [HOST EU]

Season one, Hosted by EU, US / PH / Asia / Africa, Low Ping, High Frame Rate, Long Term, Half Old, Four Tiers, Max +12, Level 137, 2nd Rebirth , Fan-Tower-Steed-Crop, AutoHunt, Legacy Quests, Tons of PVP Events, Balanced Attack, Not Calculating BP Carefully, Old Leap, Join us and give it a try .
For years i have searched for a classic Conquer Online server that had all the useful features of the modern game, no matter how hard I tried i could not find one. I wanted to bring back the memories without the clunky feel of 5165 clients, so i decided to make my own, and it has been a huge success so far! You will not find a better more complete classic server with mind blowing performance and ping. We are the best and we are here to stay! .
Date of Launch date: January 2021
Status : ONLINE
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Photos from the server event

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